Management Team

Message from Management Team:

We are opening Daily Mart stores keeping in mind the needs of the customers on daily basis and what we want to deliver at stores is high quality, low price with the best value for the money. We offer a wide range of products based on the number of unchanging principles- a broad selection, the lowest prices, the highest quality, compliance with manufacturing conditions and promotes responsible consumption. We want to satisfy the needs of as many consumers as it is possible. For us satisfying all our customers is about being attentive to their expectations in terms of ethics, values and meaning as well as to certain specific needs. Daily Mart product range has been carefully developed to reflect the social responsibility principles. For us quality is essential for gaining our customers trust in the long term as it is in our genes. Our products all meet strict and intangible requirements in terms of quality and safety. We must reaffirm our quality culture continually, making sure we are the best we can be by strengthening partnerships with the producers who guarantee an unparalleled level of quality. Our priority is maintaining the best relationship between quality and value for money in everyone’s interests. We must ensure that our offering is of high quality and easy to understand, particularly in terms of pricing. We are making shopping easier, by improving our product displays through easily understandable merchandising. We offer our customers all our products at a fair price as our pricing policy is based on low prices every day, with more targeted promotions to restore our customers purchasing power. Every day, we work to make sure that they get the best prices, without compromising on quality.

We Wish All Our Partners And Associates Good Luck.
Warm Regards,
Daily Mart Management Team