Philosophy of Daily Mart

Daily Mart is a local retail company, which truly understands the needs and expectations of customers and aims at offering them high-quality products at low prices. Below are the main three pointers:

  1. Customer Needs and Satisfaction:

    Daily Mart is focussed on providing best quality daily care products at very competitive pricing for our consumers. Customer satisfaction is company #1 goal. Our strong marketing team has taken different approaches to attracting the attention of potential customers based on their relation to different products, and on their buying method / location (retail / online). Our product portfolio includes vast range of products that targets common household needs. Everyone at Daily Mart aims at best quality, serve clients and faster delivery while offering very competitive and low pricing. Daily Mart has also designed return policy to address customer concerns, thus enabling worry free services to our consumers. Daily Mart will capitalize on this incredible opportunity with its superior personal client attention, and reasonable prices through best quality product line.

  2. Company Growth and Innovation:

    Daily Mart sells exclusively under its own private label brands. Currently, we are aiming to become a regionally recognized brand name, capitalizing on the sustained interest in consumer household products. Our company works with a highly qualified and diligent team of professionals, which enables us continuously improving and bringing best quality products to our clients at low prices. We are also expanding from convenience stores to hypermarkets, which will make us among the most versatile and recognizable in every category. Daily Mart offers consistency in pricing across all the stores along with the best pricing, lucrative deals that enhances the confident and stability of the brand in consumers. Daily Mart understands the needs and opportunities in household goods and offers products under different brands such as “Twink” as electronics, “Cares me” as cosmetics and grocery products. The company’s operating model of carrying its own private label brand choice alongside a store-label option helps us maintain our operating cost with best quality products, thus providing lower cost options with higher profitability and growth. Expansion efforts are primarily focused in Asian countries and the company is heavily focused on building and expanding its private label efforts including the Organic, Herbal, Electronics and food items. Store brands represent nearly 80% of Daily Mart’s merchandise mix.

  3. Focus on Rural areas and providing support to local industry:

    Our team of experts is also working on a strategy for rural areas. This involves opening the franchisees in the rural market of India covering all the small towns and villages with the expansion in the metro cities. The Daily Mart outlets resides in supermarkets, small groceries, automotive centers, restaurants apparel, home improvement retailers, and home and garden outlets, thus reaching to mass population. Daily Mart offers a little something for everyone. Daily Mart is a multi-local, multi-format and multi-channel retailer. Daily Mart is a partner for daily life. It welcomes thousands of customers everyday and offers them a wide range of products and services at fair prices. Daily Mart is also committed to local economic growth by offering jobs to local candidates and on-site training to its managers and staff. 90% of the products come from the local suppliers in the country, thus, giving higher priority to the local supply chains.